General information


The following terms shall have the the meaning herein ascribed to them:

Agreement: shall mean the present Agreement which contains the present Terms and Conditions;

Authorized Service Network: shall mean the Company’s Authorized Service Network devoted to the repair and maintenance of Company’ machines, amongst which the Products;

Company: shall mean CNH Industrial

Customer(s): shall mean the Owner of Equipment purchased from any New Holland, Case IH or Case CE Dealership;

SRI Repairers (s): repairers operating independently of any authorized dealer;

Manufacturer: shall mean CNH Industrial as the original equipment manufacturer;

Technician(s): shall mean the shall mean specialized technician(s) qualified to undertake repairs on the Products;

Party(ies): shall mean the Customer and the Company;

Products: shall mean the CASE IH, New Holland Agriculture or CASE CE branded equipment;

Services: shall mean the Services offered to the Customer(s) as defined by the present Terms and Conditions which shall consist of purchasing the access to the Diagnostic information;

Site: shall mean the Company’s web Site accessed by the Customer and allowing the customer to obtain access to the Diagnostics information;

Terms and Conditions: shall mean the present clauses governing the access and registration by the Customer on the Site and the purchasing by the Customer of the Services.


General Information

The registration on this Site allows an application to obtain the Diagnostic information necessary for repairs and maintenance of Company’ Products.

The data available on this Site are supplied purely for informational purposes and may not be up to date in case of modifications made by the Manufacturer for technical and/or commercial reasons or in case of adaptations required by the applicable laws in force in different countries.  

The repair and maintenance operations of Products described in the Technical Information must be carried out only by technicians with specialized training in the relevant areas, using the necessary tools and equipment.

Neither the Company nor any other companies controlled, directly or indirectly, by CNH Industrial shall be held responsible for the results of any operations and/or activities performed using said Technical Information as a reference.

Technical requirements for Site access

The Site requires use of the following:


·  Internet Explorer 10.0 or later

·  Mozilla Firefox 14.0 or later

·  Google Chrome 80 or later

Other programs:

·  Adobe Flash Player 

·  Adobe Reader

Registration process: connection/access method 

Site registration is required in order to access the Technical Information.

In order to successfully complete the registration process, the Customer shall accept the present Terms and Conditions for use of the Site.

Customers and Repairers mainly requires personal data and contact details to be entered; a password will then be provided which will be used for all subsequent access to the Site.

Access to the Diagnostic Information is possible by purchasing through the authorized dealer network.